New, Used and Sold Gear

Demeter ALL TUBE VTHF-300M and 201 pre

I’m not a tube amp guy, generally a headache .... but I’ve found love in this tube monster...

MXR Pedals - DI, Blow Torch

blow torch $69
DI $99

octive/Env - sold

Nordstrand blades

New/used installed and uninstalled

SKB Flight case $150

There are two for sale

TecAmp Virtue Cabinet w/cover

TecAmp Virtue Cabinet. 2x12”, 2x10”, 3 different tweeters.

Aguilar pickups

2 new PJ sets for 5 string
1 used PJ set 5 string
JJ new set 5 string

Conrad Johnson pV 5 AudioFile Stereo Tube Pre

High end home stereo tube pre
Conrad Johnson PV-5 preamp
Just serviced