Sold Gear

2 DNA 112

DNA DNS112 Neo cabs. Single 12 W/ tweeter.

Aguilar db680 tube preamp

Rare db680 tube pre

EMG 40J set

Installed in a sadowsky and then swapped out for the newer sadowsky pickups.

Audere Preamp

4 stack control setup and one switch as well as LED blue battery test bulb

SWR 750 Head and New 410 Cab

This 410 is New and unused, was an endorsee's extras and this monster 750 SWR Head

Ampeg 810 with flight case!!!!

Smoking deal on ampeg 810 with flight case

Alembic F1x preamp

Excellent condition

GK Backline 410 & 115

cash and pickup gets best deal