Want to Buy Basses, Guns , HIFI Marantz/McIntosh, etc



Send price and pictures to lowendmffm@yahoo.com
To list some brands;
- Moollon Basses
- Alembic Series I and II's as well as other neck-through upper end models
- Carl Thompson basses
- Spector USA NS Neckthrough
- Pedulla neck-through MVP, Buzz and thunderbass
- Curbow USA rockwood neck basses
-Sadowsky NYC basses
- Alleva-Coppola Basses
-Celinder P and J basses
- Ken Smith basses
- Wal Basses
- late 80's, early 90's Warwick Dolphin, Thumb, Streamers
- Tobias's Pre-Gibson
Bass ive owned I'd love to have back;
My first acacia custom 4 string