Ken Smith

Ken Smith brand

94 Ken Smith Burner 4 string

If your not familiar with the early 90s burners get educated. Don’t confuse with the junk burners offered today. Not the same anymore or Basses. These are from Japan and more online with the Ken Smith Hadrien Féraud Signature

4 string
3 pc maple neck
Kent Armstrong JJ
Smith 2 band eq
Trans red


Ken Smith BSR Elite 6 string Cocobola

Wow, yea, in person it will leave you speechless

BSR Elite 6 string Cocobola top and back with ebony board.
Gloss finish and coil switches
With case

This bass has had a line crack at headstock repaired and refinished. You can not feel with fingernail. Ken does know about this as it happened years ago. Price reflects an amazing opportunity for a BSR elite like new rare Cocobola top and back no longer offered at a discount because of a grain separation .



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